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[19 Oct 2010|01:37am]

i wanna puke all over the place. ... forever!!!
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do you really like to puke??? [18 Jul 2008|12:51pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I am looking for women who wouldnt mind getting paid to send in puke videos. I have been paying a few women from these communities to puke for me and my bf. If you are interested let me know.  I just came to this site because i assumed this was a place for drunks who puke alot. Participants can be paid immediatelly via paypal.

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[20 Jul 2006|02:09am]
My name is Flo, and Im a naked drunk. I like to drink and i like to vomit. Enough said, right?
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VOMITING LIKE MAD! [03 Apr 2005|06:24pm]

[ mood | Im feeling sxc ]

Ive been vomiting like mad today, by the way im new here...
Im woundering if this is a site like pro-ana?
Im bulimic & i love it (well sorta =])

Im gonna give out my stats anywayz:)
Name: Joya AkA Ana
Age: 15yrs 11mnths
Height: 5'3
BMI: 19.3
Hw: 119lbs
Lw: 103lbs
Cw: 111lbs
Diagnosed: Anorexic & Bulimic & Laxitive abuser
Have you got a website: Yes, its for pro-anas/mias
What the site if you do:

Well thats me.... I also love rum & diet coke (my fave drink) Love loads gioia

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[23 Oct 2004|08:20pm]

hi I like to barf AND drink vodka. <3
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[17 Jul 2004|09:45pm]

i just wanted to ask..u guys use laxatives as a way of getting rid of food from uree system...i wanted to try that and:
a) dont u have to wait like a long time till everything digests to get it out?
b) if it does digest..dont all the calories get absorbed ne way?
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[11 Jun 2004|04:27am]

hey all..
just started my 14-day fast. 14 days at the lowest then depending on how i feel longer. I need some facts: have any of you fainted, felt really weak or dizzy in a fast? From the info i got about fasts it says that after day 4 youre energetic, you dont feel hunger pains or cravings. The thing is ive never gotten by day 4 so if any of u have n fasting experience u could share itd be great. thanx a bunch
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no one posts in here anyways but hey [25 May 2004|08:35pm]

due to a move- I will no longer have interent.

If any one would perhaps like to keep an eye on this Community, please leave a comment or email me bedpostnotch@hotmail.com

I am looking for some one who will help out - ie- Delete unnecessary posts etc. All further info will be given to those who apply.

If I know you in real life- it may help.
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[28 Apr 2004|05:41pm]

Join drinkingxisxsex  bitches.
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[24 Feb 2004|11:41pm]

the only thing I remember from last saturday

drank half a fifth of some weird schnapps with gold floating in it
drank half a fifth of gin
woke up covered in vomit
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v o m i t whaoo [22 Feb 2004|06:41pm]

the bathroom was in use- so I let it go in the kitchen sink.... not a bad place to puke- Since I could do it standing up.

cha cha cha
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[10 Feb 2004|03:00am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

The other weekend at Pauls I drank before I came and then there too.... WAY too much!

I went to work and puked 7 times before I asked to leave...
1st clear 2nd yellow 3rd Green?!?!? When I saw green I got kinda scared so I went to Noah's and slept...

I wonder what would have been next....


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[08 Feb 2004|10:40pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Hello all:

It has come to my attention that having Bulimia in the community's name can be confusing. This is a 'joke' community about drinking too much, hangovers, partying etc. However eating disorders shouldn't be made fun of- the name just stuck along with the inside joke.

If you do have Bulimia please note these communities may offer you some help: bulimia_support, eatingdisorders, ed_recovery as so on.

In closing- post more- drink more- puke?more.


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[06 Feb 2004|12:08pm]

my favorite part about puking is drinking more
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[11 Jan 2004|10:18pm]
There is no I in drunk

Teamwork is the ability to work as a group towards a common vision, even if that vision becomes extremely blurry.

After a night of too much alcohol and spirits, thou must kneel, embrace thy throne and sacrifice to the porcelain god.

Helping White Guys Dance Since 1842 Pfft, it should say "white girls like Randii" :D

It really is my anti-drug!! Fo real yo!

"When something lies out of arm's reach...all you need is a helping hand." Oooo not for me. But for Dan, Kevin and Derrick, definetly.

Warning: Your internal operating system is overloaded as a result of repeated exposure to a popular strain of the common cold virus known as the cold beer bug. All speech and balance files have been corrupted and a noticeable decrease in memory has been detected. To prevent further damage and almost certain embarrassment it is highly recommended you select one of the following functions:

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Hello hello... [07 Jan 2004|08:15am]

The Names Andrea The Journals soul_graffiti ... I try to be interesting... My journals friends only so add me and I'll add you back =)I need some friends !!! hahah
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[02 Jan 2004|11:11pm]

[ mood | drunk ]


updare latyer, feeeling not goodd.

io am sam.

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[01 Jan 2004|09:19am]


im forcn water down my throat cuz theres nothing in my stomach and booz in my veins. puke puke puke drunk drunk drunk sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick. oh well! i am going stalking.
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I am a professional alcoholic... [01 Jan 2004|02:24am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hell yea...

I drank, puked, drank some more, puked again, fucked my (by this time very drunk boy) and drank another glass of wine...

Heh I am hardcore. Happy New Year's everyone... hope this year will be better than the last!

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[31 Dec 2003|11:41pm]

[ mood | thirsty ]

Drink up

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